Siraj Technologies Ltd.

Advancing Technology Development in the Bedouin Society

Siraj Technologies Ltd, is a company founded by hi-tech entrepreneurs, academics, and social entrepreneurs from both the Bedouin and the general Israeli societies. Siraj – meaning “a source of light” in Arabic – strives to be a source of inspiration for every young person, adolescent, and child in the Bedouin society.

Siraj’s vision is to achieve full and equal participation of Bedouin society in Israel’s hi-tech sector, the engine of growth in the country’s economy. Such participation will foster economic prosperity, partnership, and increased equality between the Bedouin community and the general Israeli society.

The company’s profits, to the extent that there are, will be reinvested in technological training within the Bedouin society.

The goal of the company is to create jobs for the Bedouin society in the fields of technology and hi-tech, with an emphasis on technological and research excellence, thus serving as a beacon for Bedouin youth and their families.

Siraj was formally registered in November 2016, and began operations in April 2017 with an elite group of developers from the Bedouin society. Siraj has entered into an agreement with GE Digital, according to which Siraj will develop strategic components for the PREDIX system (, GE’s platform for the world of IloT (Industrial Internet of Things). Funding for the training of our pioneer development team in the field of IloT, will be obtained via donations from social entrepreneurs in both the Bedouin and Jewish sectors.   

It is no secret, that the number of Bedouin engineers in Israel’s hi-tech sector is minimal, to say the least.  Small too, is the percentage of Bedouin university students in the technological professions, and by the same token, small too is the percentage of Bedouin students who have achieved 5 units of science in their high school matriculation certificates. We believe that through government aid in the years 2017 and 2018 it will be possible to train dozens of software engineers and developers, whom after undergoing a focused and detailed preparation, will be qualified to join the work force. To implement this training program, Siraj will count on the assistance of Ben-Gurion University, and Tel Aviv University. We believe that this three-way partnership between Siraj Ltd, renowned academic institutions, and a multi-national giant like GE, can create a new paradigm, which will serve as a source of inspiration and professional aspirations for young people in the Bedouin society.  

Siraj began its journey as a start-up, with the goal of speedily creating an elite cohort, from within the best technological minds of the Bedouin society. The goal of the company henceforth will be to expand its activities to dozens of other engineers and developers as quickly as possible, without compromising on standards of technological know-how and excellence.

Siraj’s board of directors includes:

  • Professor Jihad El-Sana – Head of the Department of Computer Science at Ben-Gurion University
  • Khader Alsheikh – a leading businessman and enterprenur in the Bedouin community, an engineer by training, who holds a BA in Business Administration.
  • Dr. Sara Abu-Kaf – PhD in Psychology and lecturer in the field of Conflict Resolution at Ben-Gurion University
  • Smadar Nehab – Technology entrepreneur, high-tech executive. Founder of Tsofen, spearheading the integration of the Arab sector and the IT industry.
  • Dr. Giora Yaron – PhD in Physics, Chairman of Tel Aviv University’s Board of Directors, and a leading serial hi-tech entrepreneur and investor.